Real Killer

Words & Music by: Bruce Gast
Copyright:  Copyright © 1986
Version:  2021 REMIX JAN 13, 2021
Description:  Officially this song is not about the world's most famous murder trial, it is not about O.J. Simpson, the police, the jury, judge and attorneys. Just like that case this song is about our society, and how even though a horific crime may be committed and the accused found guilty beyond a doubt the bigger injustice against the people will prevail.
Artist Credits: Harmonies: Cassie Bowman Carter, Cameron Tovar, Tori Sundheim
Studio: Studio A - Reno, Nevada
Producer(s):  Bruce Gast & the Hollywood Rock Team
Licensing:  BMI- All Rights Reserved - Online Licensing:



Bruce's Album"Gimme a Dollar" Re-Recorded and Released Winter 2011